AEG Continues to Make Progress with Solar at Yale Acres

Building 47

This building is one of four that will soon have a fully functional Solar PV system at Yale Acres in Meriden, CT. The other buildings can be seen in the Slideshow in this post. 

Advanced Energy Group (AEG), Meriden Housing Authority (MHA), and its partners began solar installations at MHA’s Yale Acres property a few years ago. Since then, some roadblocks have hindered the progress of getting the solar up and running. Thanks in part to funding granted through the Solar in Your Community Sunshot program that AEG and MHA are a part of as the Solar Synthesizers of Meriden team; strides have been made to connect some of the solar systems to the grid.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Using those funds, engineering has been redesigned to meet the guidelines of the utility company, and electric service upgrades have been performed so the solar systems can adequately function. As a result, four buildings at Yale Acres will now have a fully functional solar system by the end of September. MHA aims to close its financing package for the complete rehabilitation of the Yale Acres community in the next few months. Once MHA can proceed, even more solar will come to the community, which will greatly reduce energy costs for the tenants MHA serves.

One of the main features of the Yale Acres solar is that many of the systems use LUMA solar integrated metal roof shingles. In some exciting news with that product, AEG is working with LUMA and other partners to develop a solar thermal system that will run in conjunction with the LUMA solar shingles. If successful, not only will tenants see a reduction in their electric bills, but also their hot water costs. This is important because many people don’t realize how expensive hot water costs can be. More updates on Yale Acres and AEG’s solar efforts coming soon!

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