Meriden Commons Brings New Look, New Design Philosophy to Connecticut

MC1 Pic for Blog

Meriden Commons I

Downtown Meriden has been getting a face-lift of late, including a revitalized town green, a new mixed-use development at 24 Colony Street, and a brand new train station. A new part of the downtown redevelopment is Meriden Commons I, which brings a brand new mixed-use building that includes residential and street level commercial space to State Street, Cedar Street, and Pratt Street in Meriden. Meriden Commons replaces the Mills Memorial Apartments, which were built in the 1950s.

Mills for Blog 2

The former Mills Memorial Apartments

Developed by Pennrose in partnership with the Meriden Housing Authority and The City of Meriden, Meriden Commons I is progressing towards completion. There are residential units for low and middle-income tenants, and the building also features a roughly 97 kW solar PV system to help offset electrical costs for tenants. Advanced Energy Group (AEG) has partnered with PurePoint Energy and Lantern Electric, both Connecticut-based entities, to develop and install the solar system.

That’s not all! After Meriden Commons I is complete, construction will begin on Meriden Commons II. The second phase of the project will feature three buildings; one mid-rise mixed-use development, and two low-rise, townhouse style buildings for low and middle income tenants.

All three of the Meriden Commons II buildings are based on Passive House design. Passive House is today’s most energy efficient building standard in which buildings are designed to reduce their ecological footprint. The design standard aims to reduce heating and cooling loads in a building, starting first with architectural design. Originally a German concept, Passive House is becoming more popular in the United States, and it’s getting support from the State of Connecticut. Meriden Housing Authority and other Meriden developers have shown interest in using Passive House designs for upcoming developments.

Keep your eyes open for more updates from this exciting, energy efficient project!

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