More LUMA at Yale Acres


Yale Acres Building 1 (3, 5, 7, 9 Gilbert Road)

You may have read previous updates on Yale Acres already; where Advanced Energy Group and its team installed standard solar panels on the roofs of eight buildings at Meriden Housing Authority’s Yale Acres Community. Well, that wasn’t the only thing the team has been working on at the community. In addition to the standard solar roofs, the team has been assembling LUMA solar panel shingles and has begun to install them on several roofs at Yale Acres.

The assembly team of New England Renewable Energy has put together over 1,000 solar shingles from November 2015 to present. On the installation side, some roofs were done during the winter season of 2015, with many more in the que for this year. You can view some photos of the completed buildings in this post, and stay tuned for more updates on LUMA roofs at Yale Acres and in Connecticut.


Carport at Yale Acres with LUMA Solar Panel Shingles Installed.

Carport 1 Panels

Close-up of Yale Acres LUMA Carport.


Yale Acres Building 29 (19, 21, 23, 25 Gilbert Road).


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