LUMA Solar Shingle Assembly Gets New Location


Near the end of 2014, Advanced Energy Group, through partnerships with Maynard Road Corporation and LUMA Resources, developed a LUMA solar panel shingle assembly facility at MRC’s workshop, located at 34 Maynard Street in Meriden. Now, the facility is moving to a bigger and better location…right next door! Since 2003, Middlesex Community College was renting out 2,000 square feet of the 16,000-square-foot building to run a manufacturing training program. The manufacturing program moved to Wilcox Technical High School at the beginning of 2016.

The new space will not only provide more room for the solar panel shingle assembly, but the space will also be used for staging and storage of renewable energy equipment. As noted, a shipment of 800 solar panels will be arriving shortly to be assembled, and once completed, the panels will be used for future projects at Yale Acres and other Meriden Housing Authority communities. The expansion of the assembly facility is another step in AEG and MHA’s commitment to renewable systems, as well as jobs, in Meriden.

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