AEG Brings Standard Solar to Yale Acres


Advanced Energy Group ended 2015 on a high note by installing roughly 47 kW of solar panels on 34 Maynard Street in Meriden, CT. AEG’s next goal was to install about 87.9 kW of standard solar panels on roofs at Meriden Housing Authority’s Yale Acres Community. After a few months of hard work and battling winter weather conditions, the systems are almost complete. AEG and its team of New England Renewable Energy, Strawberry Solar, and local contractors stripped and re-shingled roofs, and added eave extensions to the buildings. From there, 255w SolarTech panels were installed. AEG and its team completed eight roofs in total; five on Broadvale Road and three on Elizabeth Road.

The eight buildings with standard solar at Yale Acres is just the beginning of AEG’s plans for solar in Meriden. Solar arrays at 22 Church Street (the housing authority’s main office building) and 16 Colony Street (formerly The Reserve concert venue) are in the works. In addition to Meriden, AEG will be bringing solar to couple of buildings in Bristol around the spring. Please enjoy the pictures of the new solar arrays at Yale Acres, and keep your eyes open for more updates!

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