Maintenance Facility Gets Solar Upgrade

IMG_0894Advanced Energy Group, with assistance from the New England Renewable Energy (NERE) Crew and Strawberry Solar, a Michigan based solar installer, are currently installing a 47.5 kW solar array at the Maynard Road Corporation Warehouse/Maintenance Facility at 34 Maynard Street . The building is also home to Middlesex Community College’s Manufacturing Training Center. Naturally, running high powered machines, tools, and computers all day can consume quite a bit of energy. The arrays will help offset electrical costs not only for Maynard Road’s portion of the facility, but also Middlesex’s portion. Both organizations are thrilled at the prospect of lower electric bills.


This solar array also marks the first time NERE crew had done a standard solar panel install, as they had been working with LUMA Solar Shingles previously. The 255 Watt panels are mounted on racking on every portion of the flat roof that gets ample sun. Overall, the two arrays will generate 47.5 kW for the facility. This is another step forward towards AEG and MHA’s goal of bringing innovative and effective renewable energy solutions to Meriden.


After the Maynard Street project is complete, the NERE team will move on to more solar roofs and carports at the Yale Acres Community, and a solar system at MHA’s Community Towers high-rise apartment complex. Check back for more updates!

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