Yale Acres Community Garden


It’s no secret that Advanced Energy Group and Meriden Housing Authority have been hard at work upgrading properties throughout Meriden, with one of the largest projects being MHA’s Yale Acres community. The upgrades aren’t relegated to just the buildings though. MHA and AEG worked together and were awarded $5,000 for resident programs. Using these funds, Yale Acres Resident Association (YARA) was able to to start a community garden.


AEG, MHA, and YARA agreed that a garden would be a perfect complement to all of the renewable and clean energy upgrades going on in the community. Yale Acres is on the path to becoming one of the ‘greenest’ moderate income housing developments in the nation. The community garden project will continue to improve environmental awareness and support, will make the community more attractive to new residents and visitors, and offer children and families a chance to socialize and strengthen community ties.


Work began on the garden early in July. MHA employees rototilled the land, and residents began planting fruit and vegetable plants, as well as some nice flowers for aesthetics. By the end of August, residents were enjoying peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and much more that had grown from their garden. YARA plans on continuing the garden past this year, and hopes it will continue to grow and flourish, along with the rest of the community.


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