AEG Brings Solar Carports to Meriden


The pictures you see aren’t the finished product, but they show the first part of a new and innovative renewable energy project AEG is bringing to Meriden. The finished carport, which will be located at Meriden Housing Authority’s Yale Acres community, will have 206 LUMA solar shingle panels attached to it. In a previous post, it was noted that AEG and MHA had installed three Electric Vehicle Charging Stations throughout the town. The solar carport at Yale Acres will help power the EV Charge Station, as well as offset electrical costs of the building that the carport will be hooked into. It will be the first solar carport in Meriden, but it won’t be the last.

AEG plans to install several other carports at Yale Acres, at least one at MHA’s main offices on Church Street, and one for the parking lot of AEG’s northeast office at 92 West Main Street. The carports will be a mix of LUMA solar shingles and conventional solar panels. AEG has several different designs based on the aesthetic and electrical wants and needs for any client. Plus, you get a nice carport to protect your car from inclement weather! The carports in Meriden will serve as a model for other solar carports throughout Connecticut.

SAM_0338 SAM_0340 SAM_0339

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