AEG Brings Geothermal to Middletown, CT

Advanced Energy Group has an exciting, new project in Middletown, Connecticut! Here is the official Press Release:


What’s That Drilling That’s Going On in Middletown?

Middletown Framing Teams Up With Advanced Energy Group to Bring Geothermal Heating & Cooling to Downtown Middletown.

Advanced Energy Group (AEG) has teamed up with the owners of Middletown Framing, Dmitri and Rusa D’Alessandro, along with Sima Drilling and Grady Mechanical to bring geothermal heating and cooling (HVAC) and hot water to their building at 502 Main St. in downtown Middletown.

Sima is drilling four 400 ft. bores and AEG will install Heat Exchangers to circulate a closed-loop of water to produce temperatures of about  55°; the near constant temperature of the earth’s crust.  Electric heat pumps, starting with the 55° water, produce heating and cooling much more efficiently than starting with 20° air for winter heat; or 90° air for summer cooling. It can also produce domestic hot water.

Geothermal reduces HVAC and hot water bills by over 60%, giving it the greatest impact on conserving overall building energy use of any energy technology currently on the market.

In Connecticut, geothermal HVAC has mostly been used for homes and less for businesses. It is not frequently used in downtown buildings due to the space constraints for drilling the geothermal field. But Middletown Framing’s geothermal system will utilize Geothermal Innovations’ revolutionary Gi4 heat exchangers, which reduce the size and cost of a geothermal field up to 60% compared to standard geothermal systems. The smaller footprint for the “geo-field” works in denser downtown environments.

According to Dmitri D’Alessandro, Middletown Framing’s interest in geothermal goes beyond just the utility savings the technology offers. “As part of our investing in downtown Middletown, we wish to have a strong corresponding commitment to non-polluting renewable energy sources. Geothermal is incredibly underutilized here in the northeast, and so, with a dual benefit of long term savings, and end of dependency on fossil fuels as a heating and cooling source, we also want to help raise awareness on the affordability and viability of geothermal for industrial, commercial, residential, and mixed use”.

AEG’s local installation team, New England Renewable Energy (NERE), was trained as part of an on-the-job training program through CT Works, and Middlesex Community College’s Meriden Campus. The program was developed to increase the number of qualified geothermal installers in Connecticut.

Contact: Dmitri D’Alessandro,

Middletown Framing: 860-347-0064 or

or: Jim Moran, Advanced Energy Group: 734-834-4208 or

Please enjoy some pictures of the process below.

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