Solar Roof Installation

lumaGary Allen (right) showing off the fruits of his labor.

Not long ago, New England Renewable Energy’s (NERE) assembly plant became fully operational, and the team has been busy creating solar shingles ever since. After the team learned how to make them, it was time to learn how to properly install them on roofs. Gary Allen of LUMA Resources travelled from Michigan to teach the team how to properly insulate the roof, install the shingles, and ensure proper operation. Over the course of three days, the team successfully installed their first solar roof.

These solar shingles will not only help reduce the price of electric bills, but also keep the look of a traditional roof. This is the second upgrade in the “gut rehab” of the building; the first being the geothermal field that is connected to all buildings in this phase. The team was very excited, and took turns getting up on the scaffolding and seeing how to set up panels. They were even more excited when they got to set them up themselves. Even though the solar roof and the geothermal system are installed, there are still lots of new and interesting energy upgrades on the horizon. Stay tuned for more updates!

SAM_0096 SAM_0097 SAM_0098

Still a work in progress.

SAM_0103 SAM_0102 SAM_0101

The finished product. 

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