Yale Acres Community Clean-UP

Close to 20 residents of the Yale Acres community came together on Tuesday, June 24 in support of the first ever Community Clean-Up. For about two hours, adults, teenagers, and children went around the streets of the community and picked up any litter that they could find. The event was the idea of Yale Acres Resident Association (YARA) Coordinator Stephanny Garcia, who wanted to plan an activity that residents of all ages could participate in that would also support the renovation and modernization of the 162 units in the community. Volunteers were provided with a bucket, scooper, and gloves and sent to pick up whatever they could find.

20140624_111517Yale Acres Residents removing trash from the community.

It wasn’t just residents who showed up to support the clean-up efforts; Yale Acres Property Manager Evette Nava and Meriden Housing Authority maintenance staff also assisted during the event. Representatives from Advanced Energy Group (AEG) also volunteered. By the middle of the afternoon, the team had removed a substantial amount of trash from sidewalks, lawns, and outdoor communal areas of the community. Nearly five giant trash bags were filled up with litter that had accumulated in the area. Garcia and Nava were extremely happy with the results. They hope that this event will encourage residents to maintain a cleaner community, and hope to organize a similar event in the future. After the clean-up was over, volunteers were treated to a pizza party for their hard work.


YARA Coordinator Stephanny Garcia with two younger participants.

Later in the afternoon, parents and children were invited to participate in the designing phase for the Blue is Green banner and artwork program that will be taking place in the community from July until August (stay tuned for more updates on this). The Blue is Green project focuses on the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The workshops will not only focus creating banners to promote a clean community, but also on how to make art out of items that many people would throw away after using, such as plastic soda bottles and cardboard pizza boxes. This was just the first of many events and activities YARA has planned for the summer that will not only engage residents, but better the community as well.


Time for some fun!

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