Update with Pictures: Phase 2a is Underway!

Nere in the fieldThe NERE crew, which we mentioned in the last post, are continuing to develop their skills . Since the training, the borefield has been set for the next 5 buildings, and one of the buildings is undergoing  a full gut re-hab, which is necessary for it to be remodeled.  NERE is completing the demolition and some of the construction work, as this is the background of the many of the guys in NERE before they were trained in geothermal.


The newly rehabbed building will be an improvement on the plans developed for the model building, and may involve modular component for the bump-out additions. This could further reduce costs of construction, create more space for tenants, and become a new standard for the way the buildings are constructed in the rest of the project.


NERE has also dug trenches 7 ft deep to each of the of the buildings. The trenches will hold the underground lateral connections from the borefield to the manifold (where the geothermal enters the building and connects to the heat pump).


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