Geothermal Training Completed

The second phase of the Geothermal training program was completed earlier this March. The first phase involved studying the theory and methodology behind geothermal technology in order to pass the IGSHPA test, which certifies individuals to be geothermal installation professionals. In this second phase, trainees were were working in the field, learning about the full process of installing the Gi4 heat exchanger, an advanced Geothermal technology that was created by Geothermal Innovations.

The ten trainees pictured here will be hired to be part of New England Renewable Energy (NERE), which will work on the Yale Acres project, other projects in Meriden, and projects in other cities and towns throughout the region.


Gi4 being lowered


Each section of the High Density Polyethylene Gi4 Heat Exchanger is 20 feet long. Sections are unloaded and pieced together with the use of the installation rig as they are dropped into the borehole.

new segment of Gi4


Though it was a cold day, the team was focused on the task at hand.


Team behind drillrig


The team watches the trainer explain the finer points of installation.  The drill rig is pictured in the background.

Sealing sections of pipe together


Sealing the sections together correctly is integral to a successful installation.


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