Photo Update! Model Building Renovations and Energy Upgrades Nearly Completed

The Model Building also known as Building #3, is nearly finished.  There are still some interior modifications that are currently near completion, but the solar thermal, solar PV, and geothermal systems are installed on the building.  Here is a quick photo rundown about the latest work being done at the Yale Acres Net-Zero energy retrofit project:

Front View of Townhomes

Here you can see the renovated Model Building from the front view, note the LUMA solar singles on the roof, and the SunMaxx Solar Thermal panels at the top left.

townhomes angle view 1

Here is another view of the front of the building.

rain garden close up 1

Here, you can see the rain garden, which is irrigated by rainwater runoff from the building.

completed RED is Green cubes close up 1

The Red is Green Initiative Artwork is now on display around Yale Acres.

Red is Green artwork at worksite 1

More Red is Green artwork displayed on the fence around the worksite.

back of building before 1

Here is the back of one building before renovations.

back of building after mods 1

Here is back of the Model Building, almost identical to the building above, with renovations completed.

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