Partner Spotlight: Geothermal Innovations

Gi Logo

Geothermal Innovations, AEG’s geothermal provider, is a pioneer in geothermal technology.  Check out our earlier post about Gi 4 Heat Exchanger technology for more information on their latest patented product.  Not only  have they created a cost saving and more efficient way to harvest geothermal energy, they also have an impressive project portfolio.

The company’s founder Jim Hardin has 20+ years in the Plant & Faclities environment. His experience includes maintenance, conceptual design and construction of both the building and operating facilities. In this capacity he has managed disciplines such as electrical engineering and construction, mechanical and plumbing, HVAC, controls, structural (civil), interior fit and finish and more. Jim first used geothermal energy in the early 80’s for petrochemical plants in Brazil and later for similar installations in West Africa, while working for SEDCO Inc, of Dallas Texas.

Jim’s philosophy has been to focus on increased operational efficiency rather than conservation. In the last ten years, Jim has taken this philosophy to develop unique geothermal products which have expanded his business into a leading-edge company.

Geothermal Innovations has installed geothermal in over 900 buildings which total 200+ million square feet of floor space.  Below are two case-study examples of the savings that Geothermal Innovations can create.

LaFontaine Dealership lafontaine

Location: Highland, MI
Contact: Ryan LaFontaine, General Manager (248) 887-4747
Size: Former building was 30,000 sq. ft. & heating/cooling
New expanded building is 62,000 sq. ft., includes service bay areas, which have doors that are opening and closing continually.
Former energy bill: $20,000/month using traditional HVAC.
Current bill: between $3,000 & $5,000/month.
Savings: $180,000 to $ 204,000 per year

Golden Gate Casino
golden gate
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Size: 400,000 sf retrofit building
Savings: Eliminated gas bill, reduced electrical bill by about 70%.

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