Solar Thermal Collectors Now Mounted on Rooftop!

solar thermal

Solar Thermal Collectors, which heat domestic hot water (DHW) with the sun’s rays instead of electricity or gas are another important facet of the net-zero systems that are currently being implemented at Yale Acres..

The chosen collectors are Sun Maxxx Titan PowerPlus SU-24 Flat Plate units. These flat plate collectors are some of the most efficient available thanks to their ultrasonic welded high-density copper absorber and TiNOX selective coating which enables them to deliver 81% efficiency based on absorber area. As the copper absorbs heat, heat is transferred to the glycol solution (which prevents freezing) as it passes through the plate. Each of the other two buildings in the geothermal district (see below) will also use the same Solar-Thermal technology for DHW.

titan power plus Su-24

The designed system will be a closed loop active system. A differential temperature controller and circulator pump will manage the flow of the heated glycol to a single large hot water tank, a 120 Gallon SunMaxx StorMaxx-SE-119-2HX Solar Storage Tank with internal heat exchange coil, located in a common mechanical room in the basement of one of the building’s units designated as the “Master Unit”. From the Master unit it the hot water will be distributed to the other three units in the building.

solar thermal tank

The system is designed to deliver hot water all year, however, in winter there may be times when there is not sufficient solar heat gain to deliver sufficient hot water. During these times an electric Domestic Hot Water tank will assist in heating the water. Considering that DHW makes up about 18% of residential energy use, savings will be significant. The flat plate collectors have a 20 year warranty,.


solar thermal diagram

Both the solar thermal installation and the solar photovoltaics will be installed by New Energy Solutions LLC.

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