RED is Green Art Awareness Initiative

Chicago CUBE 4 of 25

AEG, together with the Meriden Housing Authority is promoting the Renewable Energy District (RED) model through an outdoor art project that is designed to help residents and visitors of Yale Acres understand the “green” technologies used to retrofit the housing complex.  The artworks will allow children and families an opportunity to learn about, and then illustrate the various green technologies and concepts related to green living on lamppost banners and canvas cubes, which will be on display around Yale Acres for several months.

JoAnn Moran, is the artist who is responsible for spearheading the RED is Green initiative.  Joann produces large scale artworks for public and private buildings. She conducts community projects involving people of all ages and abilities making collectively created artworks throughout the US and abroad. Coining the term “Art For and By the People” she strives to promote democracy through public participation; using public art as a vehicle to promote public awareness and positive social change.

Moran’s innovations for display of public art include CUBES & Banners.

CUBE and Lamppost Banner canvas is made from discarded highway billboards. They are primed with white paint, then designs are applied with black marker. Everyone will help to paint the designs on the canvas in the RED is Green StudioWhen completed the canvases will be installed on the CUBES and Lampposts.

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