Gearing up for Solar Installation at Yale Acres

New Energy Solutions and Allen Brothers Roofing are just about ready to get the Luma Solar Roof Installed on the Model Building.

In order to design the system, Dave Hollens of New Energy Solutions used a Solar Pathfinder to determine the shade profile of the roof and the optimal areas to place the panels.

Now that the system is designed, an Interconnection Agreement is being worked out with Connecticut Power and Light to allow the solar panels installed at Yale Acres connection to the local grid. Through net metering, the meters at Yale Acres will spin both forward and backward, and the customer will pay the net balance. If more solar power is produced than is used in a month (excess power being passed to the grid), than this amount will exist as a credit that can be used against a bill in a month with higher electricity usage when the customer owes the net balance. New Energy Solutions is also working with Connecticut Power and Light’s ZREC program to monetize the REC’s (Renewable Energy Credits) produced by the system in a 15 year contract.

The Luma panels look like shingles, and blend into the metal roof that will be installed at the same time and cover the rest of the building. The energy efficiency modifications to the building are presenting a unique challenge for the solar installation crew, who are trying to figure out how to mount the solar on top of the SIP panels (structural insulated panels designed for energy efficiency) which comprise the base for the roof layer.

Additionally, the roofs insulation is posing a challenge because it is being installed underneath the SIP panels, attached to the roof trusses, and not in the conventional way, which is above the ceiling, on the floor of the attic. Installing insulation in this manner is designed to increase the efficiency of the buildings energy profile.

roof insulation

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