The Model Building

Yale Acres Ariel3

Arial view of Yale Acres. Building highlighted in green is the “Model Building”. Buildings highlighted in yellow will be connected to form a mini geothermal district. After one year project will expand to all buildings in the housing development.

The initial phase of the Meriden Project is the retrofit of one four-unit building in the Yale Acres Complex.  Updates will include building modifications and installation of renewable energy systems, as well as energy conservation improvements.

The purpose of the ‘model building’ is to confirm operation and reliability of the entire suite of energy related initiatives proposed for all of the buildings in the complex.

For one year the model building’s performance will be measured and monitored and will be judged on the factors of proven reliability, comfort, cost savings, functionality, environmental responsiveness, sustainability, payback and operational ease. The goal is to come as close as reasonably possible to Yale Acres being a ‘net-zero’ community (i.e. generating as much power as it uses through sustainable energy sources).

A Measurement & Verification system will be installed to monitor performance of geothermal, solar thermal, and solar photovoltaics.  AEG’s affiliate, Advanced Research Company will be responsible for the architecture of the M& V system.

Additionally an Energy Management/Monitoring System (EMS), utilizing the Housing Authority’s existing, on-site wireless communications network link, will be deployed to integrate and provide real-time monitoring and daily on-demand access to some or all of the Model Building’s following energy usage and efficiency systems’ data points:

  • Indoor temperature
  • Outside, ambient temperature (F)
  • Geothermal system heating temperature (btu)
  • Geothermal system air-conditioning temperature
  • Electric meter consumption (kw, kwh)
  • Electric circuit usage (kwh)
  • Electric appliance consumption per circuit (kw)
  • Water meter (gallons per hour/day)

The next phase of the project relies on adding the integrated geothermal/solar thermal HVAC and domestic hot water (DHW) system to the Model Building and two adjacent buildings.  The integrated geothermal/solar thermal systems will be interconnected, and form a micro-grid.  This will verify the district model that will be implemented on the entire Yale Acres Complex.

Stay tuned for more information on project planning!

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